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Hand Candy Hand Soap

$ 33.15 USD

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1- Hand Candy Hand Soap 5.5 oz
1- Hand Candy Hand Soap 5.5 oz (regularly 

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NOTE: ultra rich and concentrated, 5.5 oz Hand candy typically lasts 3 months at each sink in your home

Retial Customers Save: $5.85USD


Hand Candy Hand Soap

$ 19.49 USD

Hand Candy is a rich, Toxic Free, anti-aging TREAT every time you wash your hands. It's a "showcase" product. "Show" it off at every sink in your house and office and make a statement for organic living. And as others read the label, it naturally makes a "case" against harmful toxic ingredients.

      Enjoy the good:
    • 100% Certified ToxicFreeTM & organic* ingredients (*See label for organic ingredients)
    • Organic White tea to prevent/reverse signs of aging including brown spots
    • Organic White tea to fight viruses and dangerous infection-causing bacteria
    • Organic Verbena Leaf Extract a powerful anti-inflammatory to reduce puffiness
    • Organic Bergamot Oil to support tissue repair/healing and stop skin conditions
    • Organic Lemon Oil to alkalize/pH balance & improve circulation
    • Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids & Nutrients
    • Anti-Aging & Hydrating & Moisturizing Botanicals
    • Essential Oils

    Avoid the bad:
  • No Cheap Toxic Fillers
  • No Carcinogens or Neurotoxins
  • No Sulfates (SLS or SLES)
  • No DEA, PEGs or GMOs
  • No Hormone Disruptors
  • No Parabens