MaryAnn Dunham~Living Chemical Free and Toxic Free


I am announcing that I have left Ava Anderson Non Toxic.  If you need a consultant please contact Ava Anderson Non Toxic Corporate.

I left on good terms.  I have very sensitive skin and have been selling and not using.  I found a 100% chemical free and certified toxic-free and organic company and use a lot of their products.  My body loves the products.  


Hello and welcome to my website.    I have been involved in marketing safe cosmetics and personal care for over 12 years...This is the first company I have found to be dedicated to creating truly toxic-free products


Take a moment to check your products at

Be sure to see the hazard score of each ingredient

And then take a look at what I am using.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately."

Have you read the warning on your tube of toothpaste?  If not, go look now!  And then come back to my site for more information and solutions to the harmful ingredient problem in personal care products and cosmetics.  This was the warning that got my attention many years ago.  I never looked until someone brought it to my attention.

For a safer alternative, visit my product site

Take a close look at the products  you are already using.  You can get a good idea about how safe they actually are and find out the potential dangers at EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.  See videos below. 

 I created this video to demonstrate how to use the cosmetics data base and to display all the information you can view on the data base to help you understand the ingredients on your product labels more clearly.  If you cannot find a particular product, you can look at each ingredient on the ingredient label.

 This next video is a short story by Annie Leonard and Stacy Malkan demonstrating the frustration we face at being able to trust the industry to provide safe products for us and our families.

 This next video is a short news report about the subject of toxins in our products.  I could show you many different news reports, because this subject is really starting to hit home and consumers are finally hearing the message and looking into it.  Just like the food we put into our bodies, we want to put safe products on the outside as well....Because our skin is not a barrier, it is a carrier.  And what we put on our skin can be absorbed and enter into our bloodstream and do who knows what.